Happy Diwali Activity 2018

Happy Diwali Activity 2018

In This Post About Happy Diwali Activity 2018. Celebrate This Diwali With Special Activity.

 Diwali Activity 2018

Table Lantern

How about making an enchanting Diwali-themed lantern to place as a table decor? A great way to spend quality time with your little one. He/she will also engage with limitless creativity! The table lantern will also be an excellent gift to give your loved ones! 

Cracker Card

Once you’re done decorating the house, how about creating personalised handmade cards straight from the heart? A great way to engage your child and also an excellent idea to surprise your near and dear ones! This cracker card is loaded with fun, so grab your colour papers and let’s get cracking!

Papers Cup Lanterns 

Got serial lights at home? Instead of just hanging them across on your wall, how about adding a splash of creative art on paper cups, attaching them to the lights and giving your house a complete makeover? Paper cup lanterns enhance the look of serial lights and will look absolutely great to ring in the festive fervour! 

Clay Rangoli

Calling all play-dough fans (no restrictions in age, promise!)! How about creating an extra-colourful rangoli this Diwali? Use clay to roll up an enchanting welcome rangoli and place it outside your front door! It’s unique, needs a bit of patience, but will be worth all the time and effort! 

Bangle Diyas

Time to recycle! Do you have extra bangles at home? Want to put them to good use? How about turning them into bangle diyas? Stick bangles together, add a tea candle and watch as colourful lights dance across your walls! It’s very engaging, extremely simple, and is a great gift to make for your loved ones!

3D Paper Diyas

3D art is always fun! And it just gets better with this 3D paper diya! Truly a safer alternative for kids, 3D art will trigger your child’s curiosity and exploratory skills, and will also make him/her think out-of-the-box! Make several of them in different colours, string them on a thread and hang it all around your house!
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